How to start a conversation that could save a life in 3 steps- RUOK?

STEP 1: Check out the RUOK? website guide on “How to ask a mate” here.

STEP 2: Try your best to arrange a face-to-face connection in the real world.

STEP 3: When face-to-face attempt to reconnect without the use of digital devices (eg. turn your mobile to airplane mode and do your best to talk without digital interruptions.

A survey conducted by R U OK? a suicide prevention charity, asked 1,000 adults and found that Australians spend eight times as many hours per week looking at screens than with their loved ones.

-Aussies spent an average of 46 hours a week looking at a screen, but just six hours with family and friends. Half of the respondents spent two hours or less with family and friends.

When was the last time you hung out with family and friends without a screen distracting you? Begin today by allocating just 1 hour of your day to loved ones by switching off your Internet connection and practicing connecting face-to-face without digital distractions. Then do a stock-take and look at how much time you are spending in front of a screen and decide for yourself how much time you will prioritise to face-to-face contact with friends and family.

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Original story on here “Australians spend eight times more hours per week looking at screens than with loved ones: survey” 11/8/16.

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