Dr Huu Kim Le

I am based in Adelaide, South Australia, but I see patients from all over the country via my telehealth private practice CGI Clinic. I completed my training in Sydney and worked as a consultant psychiatrist for the Women’s and Children’s Health Network in South Australia for 3 years. In 2015, I received a federal grant to work in and investigate gaming disorder treatment in Singapore.

About Dr Huu Kim Le - CGI Clinic - Internet Gaming Disorder Specialist

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CGI Clinic - Video Gaming Addiction As Seen On Today
How can my skills help you re Video Gaming Addiction?

How can my skills help you?

I offer an online telehealth psychiatry service, where I work with you in the comfort and convenience of your own home. From this, I will provide your GP with a comprehensive assessment and management plan. This may include follow up appointments. 

I can help determine if you meet the criteria for a gaming disorder, the severity and any other contributing factors to your current life situation.

What is video gaming addiction?

Video gaming addiction is clinically recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as “Gaming Disorder” where video games take priority over one’s life over other important activities, with a loss of control and negative consequences such as school refusal, violence, poor concentration, depression and anxiety. Assessment and management plans for Australians are now available. You can watch my TEDx Talk “The Spell of Digital Immersion” from 2015 here:

My approach

Gaming disorder is not an easy condition to treat. By the time someone decides to see me, the behaviour has been ingrained daily over months to years. By combining my extensive clinical (and gaming!) experience, I have a deep understanding of how games are designed to be addictive. Most gamers are resistant to seeking help because their behaviour has become a part of their lives, which can often be stigmatised. I’ve been told by my patients that they felt more comfortable talking about their gaming because I was able to relate as a gamer.

My approach is one of curiosity, not judgement. People who suffer from gaming disorder require empathy. I tailor my approach to your individual life situation. Although treatment usually involves some form of cutting down on your gaming time or even period of abstinence, how we arrive to that decision together is unique to you.

Note: I don’t always make a diagnosis of gaming disorder! You might actually have a primary disorder involving your mood, anxiety or concentration/development. But that’s totally OK, because I can still help. It is just important that you have an expert opinion on whether your excessive gaming is a symptom of another disorder.


Do you need a digital detox? Online Games Addiction

My Gaming Disorder journey


When I was a junior doctor, I met a patient who was addicted to the online game “World of Warcraft”. This chance meeting inspired me to take up specialist training in psychiatry.


I received a federal grant to investigate video gaming addiction clinics at the National Addiction Management Service in Singapore.


I have been invited to speak on the national news, Today Show and A Current Affair. Every month, I am speaking at medical conferences and workplaces on this growing problem that affects everyone


 I filmed an interactive online documentary with SBS on Demand titled “Are You Addicted to Technology?”. The release date is 21st April 2021. 


I am still passionate about increasing awareness of video gaming addiction. It brings me joy, making an impact on the individuals I work with but also through my media appearances, keynote speeches and workshops. I have literally days worth of content ready to go for your school, workplace or corporate event.

SBS documentary “Are You Addicted To Technology?” 

Having worked and investigated gaming addiction clinics in Asia, I took the plunge and delivered a TEDx speech in 2015 in front of 600 people at Adelaide Town Hall. Click this YouTube link to check it out.

Fast-forward 6 years later, during the pandemic of 2020, I was lucky enough to film a documentary film “Are You Addicted To Technology?” (AYATT) to be released online on 21st April 2021 on SBS On Demand.

Are You Addicted to Technology? Video Gaming Addiction

“Are You Addicted to Technology?” Interactive Documentary Film for SBS on Demand released April 2021

I am fascinated by the Internet gaming world and I have a passion for helping others enjoy gaming in a healthy way

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