How teachers can help students balance Internet technology effects

Dr Le is excited to go to Vancouver this September to meet and collaborate with Cris Rowan, Canadian pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, international speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed book Virtual Child.

Cris is helping Canadian teachers understand the effects of Internet technologies on students.

Cris introduces her concept Balanced Technology Management (BTM), where adults manage balance between activities which promote optimal growth and success, with technology use.

As schools are moving forward with indiscriminate use of educational based technologies (EdTech). Understanding both the promise and the perils associated with EdTech is crucial. In order to make long range decisions which are best for all students.

Cris then instructs teachers on how to incorporate the BTM concept on a daily basis in classroom, gym, and playground settings. In the case of EdTech with some students, less is more.