Student Education and Well-being in the Digital Age – Scotch College Talk

This week Dr Le was delighted to give a talk to the teachers and staff at Scotch College titled “Student Education and Well-being in the Digital Age” at the Torrens Park Campus in Adelaide. Dr Le’s key message was this: “No matter how sophisticated or advanced technology gets, we cannot forget the human aspect of …

How to start a conversation that could save a life in 3 steps- RUOK? STEP 1: Check out the RUOK? website guide on “How to ask a mate” here. STEP 2: Try your best to arrange a face-to-face connection in the real world. STEP 3: When face-to-face attempt to reconnect without the use of digital devices (eg. turn your mobile to airplane mode and do your best to …

Adelaide City Library – Poetry Workshop

I love libraries. For me, libraries have always been a welcoming space to enjoy, learn and seek solace. Last week, I decided to browse Adelaide City Council’s relatively new “City Library” (opened in 2014). Libraries are a great way for children to explore and foster a life-long learning attitude.

“The Spell of Digital Immersion” TEDx Talk Adelaide: YouTube Video Link

Dr Le’s TEDx Talk is finally online! Please share our message with your colleagues, friends and family. Do you have a childhood bucket list? What activity have you immersed yourself in lately? Please comment in the Youtube link or discuss in our CGI Clinic Facebook page.  

Pathological Internet and Video Game Users in South Australian Teens

This blog post is for the CGI Clinic talk at the Boylan Ward Adolescent Mental Health Unit Grand Rounds at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, January 2016. We will review the following journal article featured in the RANZJP, which can be found here: