Parent resources for contingency planning

Parent resources for contingency planning

Hi, if you have received this link, it means Dr Le has recommended you look at a positive reinforcement approach to managing your child’s gaming time. 

You can access the files in this order from the Google Drive link sent in the email.

  1. This story was published in the Advertiser. (2 min read)
  2. The team kindly gave me a copy of the self-help manual which was adapted from partners living with someone with alcoholism. The manual was adapted successfully for a mother of the 19 yo man who was admitted to Flinders Psychiatric unit with a gaming disorder. (30min read)
  3. They published in greater detail in a case report published by the Flinders Hospital (State wide gambling service). (Approx 1hr read but will need re-reading to fully understand). 

The key takeaway points are:

  1. Positively reinforce the desired behaviours daily
  2. Work on one behaviour each week
  3. No nagging on complaining when your child has earned the access

    *Things to consider, the team originally advised unlimited access once desired behaviour achieved. This can be tailored depending on your situation.