CGI Clinic returns to Australia with back-to-back talks in Adelaide

CGI Clinic was very excited to return to Australia after 6 months in Asia, investigating Internet Gaming Addiction in children. Our aim is to increase Internet and Health Awareness in the local community and in our first week back we were invited to speak twice in Adelaide! We were delighted to present to the Lyell McEwin Hospital and the Vietnamese Parenting Association of South Australia.

Dr Le was invited to talk at the Adelaide North Psychiatry Grand Rounds at the Lyell McEwin Hospital on Internet Games and Internet Gaming Addiction.

Exploring Internet Gaming worlds and what makes them so appealing and possibly addictive

There are no services in South Australia to treat Internet Gaming Addiction nor education programs regarding the effects of Internet Gaming in schools. However, many clinicians were reporting not only anecdotal clinical experience with Internet Gaming Addiction but personal stories with Internet Gaming.

Explaining what is Minecraft the popular Internet Game and what makes it so appealing to young children.

Key points and questions discussed:
– Diagnosis of Internet Gaming Disorder
– Formulating and understanding patients with Internet Gaming Disorder
– Effective Treatments for IGD
– Positive effects of Gaming

Dr Le was also kindly invited to speak to the Vietnamese Parenting Association of South Australia at the community centre in Mansfield Park. A parenting presentation on preventing Internet Addiction was given in English and Vietnamese.

Dr Le had a very special message on “staying connected” for the Vietnamese Parenting Community in Adelaide.

Summary of Parenting Presentation:
“3 Tips for a healthier connection with your child to prevent Internet and Screen Addiction”:

1. Teach your child the value of discovery not perfection.
2. Work less and spend more quality time with your child.
3. When setting limits, make sure you are clear, consistent and stick to it.

The turnout from the Vietnamese Parenting Community was fantastic and many questions and stories were discussed.

The recent segment from 60 Minutes Australia on “Screen Addiction” was also shown. Many questions and concerns were discussed:
– How to tell if your child has Internet Gaming Addiction
– What to do if your child has problems with Internet Gaming