Should you restrict your child under the age of 24 months from using all digital media completely? What if your child has already been exposed to media for many years, is it too late to set limits?

Here is a case example for discussion where early media exposure can mimic Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in some children.

Free Journal of Medical Investigation article here:

Dr Le discusses in a Facebook Live video, a journal article authored by Numata‐Uematsu 2018 et al from the Department of Pediatrics, Tohoku University School of Medicine.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that screen media use during the early developmental period (less than 24 months old) be restricted.

This case report shows how early media exposure can affect a child’s ability to form attachments to their caregivers by reduced social engagement. In this example, attachment disorder was shown to mimic autism spectrum disorder (ASD). For example the child was unable to make eye contact, was hyperactive and had delayed language development.

Symptoms in this child improved dramatically after all media use was forbidden and encouraged to play with his parents. Following this period of abstinence, the child was then able to make eye contact, and talked about playing with their parents. This was a cost effective and most importantly clinically effective strategy.