Interview with Cam Adair of Game Quitters in Adelaide

Dr Le and Cam discuss the finer points of:

  • What is the “healthy” amount of time on online games for a child or adolescent.
  • What age demographics are presenting with gaming problems or seeking help?
  • Strategies and recommendations
  • Cultural changes and attitudes towards technology, public shaming of parenting styles
  • Pressures on parents to buy screen technology for their children
  • “How can you help a child care about and understand the health effects of online games?”
  • How to increase awareness on the effects of online technology by watching videos on the CGI Clinic Facebook Page.
  • Dealing with being socially left out when games are restricted
  • What if your child aspires to become an eSports professional?
  • How to give your child the responsibility of following their dream as an eSports professional
  • Negative cognitions associated with online gaming
  • Generational differences in parenting
  • How can we assist parents who don’t know much about the online gaming world, to parent their children to make the right choices in games?