Dr Kim Le’s talk on Gaming Disorder for SHPA Mental Health Symposium

Dr Kim Le recently presented a webinar on gaming disorder to pharmacists from South Australia and the Northern Territory. As part of the talk, he presented an article on the use of medication to treat gaming disorder in addition to practical strategies he uses day to day with his patients.

Here are some of the testimonials from the audience:

Definitely a topic to watch in the future and your presentation gave a great insight into the challenges & diagnosis!

-Hospital Pharmacist

“Very very interesting talk about something I had no idea about to start with – absolutely fascinating to hear from a child and adolescent psychiatrist as I’ve only previously worked with adult and older persons psychiatrists. Such a different perspective and different set of considerations – particularly around family dynamics.

-Hospital Pharmacist

Thoroughly enjoyed this topic- it was really eye-opening and got me down the rabbit hole too! I will be tuning into the documentary as well. thanks!

-Hospital Pharmacist

“For a non-gamer – this was an absolute treat to enter this world… and how hard it is to consider pros and cons.. totally enjoyable.

-Hospital Pharmacist

The article he cited was a comparative study: bupropion Vs escitalopram

  • 119 adolescents and adults with IGD
  • 6 weeks in three groups (bupropion group, escitalopram group), and control
  • Escitalopram & bupropion group > improvement on all clinical symptom scales compared to the observation group
  • Potential important role for bupropion treatment in addressing maladaptive behaviors of gaming addiction
  • Reduced direct symptoms, >activities of daily living, less impulsivity, inattention, and mood problems
  • bupropion group >improvement on scores for:
    *Clinical Global Impression-Severity Scale
    *Young Internet Addiction Scale
    *ADHD Rating Scale
    *Behavioral Inhibition Scale
  • Noradrenergic action <impulsivity
  • Dopaminergic action <urges, could potentially replace dopamine from games?
  • Limitations:
  • “observation group declined treatment” just wanted Ax, no placebo
  • open trial
  • only male volunteers
  • Only 6 weeks
  • past studies with escitalopram did not show success at follow up with IGD

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    Song, J., Park, J. H., Han, D. H., Roh, S., Son, J. H., Choi, T. Y., … & Lee, Y. S. (2016). Comparative study of the effects of bupropion and escitalopram on I nternet gaming disorder. Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences70(11), 527-535.
Comparative study: bupropion Vs escitalopram (Song 2016)