Risk Factors for Internet Gaming Disorder in Australian Teens Macquarie University Study 2022

7 Risk Factors for Video Gaming Addiction

A study by Macquarie University found that 2.8% of teenagers met the criteria for Internet Gaming Disorder. Teenagers with video gaming addiction often experienced:

  • higher social exclusion
  • more impulsivity
  • significantly lower self-esteem
  • less control of their environment
  • impaired parental attachment
  • less family connectedness,
  • poorer self-control

Does my child have video gaming addiction or Internet Gaming Disorder?

The researchers surveyed 979 12–17-year-old students at a large Australian public high school from years 7-10. 33% identified as White/Caucasian, 25% Asian, and 25% from Indian subcontinent.

They asked how often the following questions occurred in the past 12 months:

  1. When you were not playing, how often have you fantasized about gaming, thought of previous gaming sessions, and/or anticipated the next game?
  2. How often have you felt restless, irritable, anxious and/or sad when you were unable to play or played less than usual?
  3. Have you ever in the past 12 months felt the need to play more often or played for longer periods to feel that you have played enough?
  4. Have you ever in the past 12 months unsuccessfully tried to reduce the time spent on gaming?
  5. Have you ever in the past 12 months played games rather than meet your friends or participate in hobbies and pastimes that you used to enjoy before?
  6. Have you played a lot despite negative consequences (for instance losing sleep, not being able to do well in school or work, having arguments with your family or friends, and/or neglecting important duties)?
  7. Have you tried to keep your family, friends or other important people from knowing how much you were gaming or have you lied to them regarding your gaming?
  8. Have you played to relieve a negative mood (for instance helplessness, guilt, or anxiety)?
  9. Have you risked or lost a significant relationship because of gaming?
  10. Have you ever in the past 12 month jeopardized your school or work performance because of gaming?

View the original Ten-Item Internet Gaming Disorder Test (IGDT-10) here

Help is Available

In my clinical practice, I often see children presenting with IGD experience these risk factors such as social exclusion due to bullying, parental separation, anxiety about school performance, relational issues and ADHD. If you would like a telehealth assessment and treatment with me, please click the “All Bookings” button here and upload your child’s GP referral.


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