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In 2015, Dr Le received Australian Federal Funding to work in Internet Addiction clinics and school programs for teenagers in Singapore. Many of these programs were implement following the famous longitudinal study looking a pathological gaming in 3000 students over 2 years (published in Pediatrics 2011 by Gentile and Khoo). There was much opportunity to observe and collaborate with local Singaporean services so that one day similar services might be implemented in here in Australia. We found that the most common comorbidity was ADHD and major depression.


For more information on this service in Singapore please go to the National Addictions Management Service Website here:


Dr Le would like to thank the following organisations that made this possible:

  • The New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry (Sydney)
  • The Institute of Mental Health IMH (Singapore)
  • The National Addictions Management Service NAMS (Singapore)



Wei, M. W. C., Le, H. K., Gomez, B., Koh, P. K., & Guo, S. (2016). Profile of adolescents seeking treatment for excessive computer gaming at an addiction treatment service in Singapore. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 0004867416676368.
Gentile, D. A., Choo, H., Liau, A., Sim, T., Li, D., Fung, D., & Khoo, A. (2011). Pathological video game use among youths: a two-year longitudinal study. Pediatrics, peds-2010.

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