Dr Le recently presented a talk at the ICBA 2019 (6th International Conference on Behavioral Addictions) in Yokohama, Japan. This is a recording of his talk delivered to researchers, psychologists, psychiatrist and therapists from around the world.

In this talk, Dr Le talks about:
– how a patient with a gaming disorder on the autism spectrum helped him better understand the game design of Fortnite
-Why the Australian Government did not ban Loot Boxes in Australia
– references the former UX Lead for Fortnite, Celia Hodent (psychologist and PhD) who is the author of the book “Gamer’s Brain“.
-Llama Loot Boxes, linear progression, skins and online communities.
– finally, he encourages therapists to explore game design mechanics to assist young players in developing insights into their playing behaviour, which could be problematic.

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