Dr Huu Kim Le, child and adolescent psychiatrist attended a parenting information session organised by the Commissioner for Children and Young People, the High School eSport League in Adelaide and the Adelaide Crows.

This video is an open discussion with Dr Le’s first thoughts and impressions from this parent focused workshop to address concerns regarding the introduction of an Industry led eSports Tournament.

Criticisms about the night:

-The Commissioner for Children and Young People has spoken personally to 3000 children but tonight there were less than 10 parents attending the talk. Will the Commissioner be willing to speak to 3000 concerned parents about gaming? This live video alone will reach more parents than the number of parents represented in the room tonight. The Commissioner has spoken to 3000 children, how many of these were young children and how many were teenagers (the actual demographic for such a tournament). We believe the Commissioner should do a tour of all the schools in the Adelaide High School eSports League and speak to 3000 parents.
-The Commissioner misrepresented “researchers” by saying  that there is “not a consensus” about gaming addiction. This is a clear misrepresentation. Dr Le has advised the Commissioner that the World Health Organisation has officially recognised gaming disorder as a public health disorder. Among researchers, the verdict is in. Among parents, there is confusion and the Commissioner is not making this any easier nor clearer for parents.
-If the Commissioner cannot get their facts right, how can the Commissioner be in charge of regulating the eSports Tournament Industry in Adelaide High Schools?
-We don’t understand why the South Australian State Government is funding the Office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People, to promote eSports to children. The Commissioner has no qualifications for this position, the Commissioner is not an expert in internet games, let alone gaming disorder. The South Australian Education Department has not consulted with researchers or experts in the field of gaming addiction when we have world class researchers from the University of Adelaide and Flinders University.