New Outside the Screen episode out now. Prof. Elizabeth Handsley and I discuss the marketing power of social media influencers. We discuss how you can create a “teachable moment” with your child the next time they watch one of their favourite Youtubers.


Singapore paper: Chen Lou and Hye Kyung Kim, ‘Fancying the New Rich and Famous? Explicating the Roles of Influencer Content, Credibility and Parent Mediation in Adolescents’ Parasocial Relationship, Materialism and Purchase Intentions’ November 2019, Volume 10 Frontiers in Psychology

The Princess Bride review:

CCFC/Fairplay for Kids TikTok complaint:


Children and Media Australia:


The organisation that used to be known as Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood is now called Fairplay for Kids. An update from them about their complaint against TikTok:

‘There’s not much to report re FTC reaction or action to our TikTok complaint.  But it is important to note that it was reported in the news last year that 45 state attorneys general are investigating TikTok for its practices targeting and endangering young people.  Here is an article from this Spring, about the AGs demanding docs related to that probe: