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I am lucky that I am drawn towards water-based activities, because the side effect is less smartphone use!
If your family is looking for a tech-free break in the school holidays, check out the “Wilderness Program” run by Adelaide-based psychologist Simon Andrews from OK Psychology.
I recently connected with Simon who has seen an increase in presentations in families from Adelaide with tech related problems. We had a great discussion about “flow states” and “flow psychology”. Flow states are described as the “optimal human experience and we lose track of time, when we are in the middle of a flow state. Simon and I both agreed that in today’s world, children are drawn to video games which offer an instant flow state, which makes every day flow states in other nature based activities seem harder or “boring” to children. The side effect of children relying on their flow state fix via screens, is irritability and emotional instability.
Check out Simon’s “Wilderness Program” via this link here.