BRAVE | Gaming and Problem Gaming in the Age of COVID-19 Flinders University Feat. Prof. Daniel King

Please visit the Flinders University Brave lecture series website here. Dr Kim Le was invited to speak on the panel for this brilliant talk. Dr Daniel King is a globally recognised expert in the research of gaming disorder. Stay-at-home lifestyles and lockdowns during COVID-19 have not only changed the way we work, but the way we relax, and on phones, tablets, computers and TV screens around the globe, online gaming has boomed. But how is online gaming affecting our sleep patterns, and our mental and physical health? On the one hand, online gaming may confer benefits to people’s lives under pandemic conditions, but globally, there is growing recognition of the harms generated by unhealthy digital technology habits. It’s a Brave New (Virtual) World, and it’s vital we understand it. How has gaming activity changed during the pandemic? Have rates of problem gaming changed? And, how should different stakeholders, including families, schools, health providers, government bodies, and the gaming industry respond? Join Associate Professor Daniel L. King as he explores how COVID-19 has affected gaming and problem gaming.

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