Thank you for booking a Teleheath Consultation with CGI Clinic

We will contact you soon with a link to our online schedule to book a time that suits you

FAQ: How do I get my Telehealth video link?

When your Telehealth appointment is confirmed, you will get an email and SMS reminder 24hrs before your appointment time with your unique video chat link. This link is unique, private and secure via the Coreplus platform. You can also request this link in advance, just email usĀ and we will send it to you.

FAQ: How do I pay for my consultation?

For non-bulk-billed consultations, we will send you an invoice for the full amount which you can pay via direct deposit or credit card. Once we have received payment, we will send our report to your GP (although Medicare requires this within 2 weeks, we recommend you make your payment as soon as possible to ensure prompt communication between Dr Le and your GP). You can then claim your Medicare rebate. If Medicare have your bank details, you should receive your rebate within 2 business days.

2023 fees

Please be advised that we will be an increase in our private fees January 2023.
Private fees as of 01/01/2023.

Type of Appointment

Metro Service Fees

Medicare Rebate

Out of Pocket Expense

Medicare 291
(Assessment and GP Report)




Medicare 296
(Initial Consultation)




Medicare 306
(Follow Up Consultation)




Medicare 291 (Assessment and GP Report) $647.85 [Medicare Rebate $412.85] Out of Pocket Expense $235

Medicare 296 (Initial Consultation) $417.45 [Medicare Rebate $237.45] Out of Pocket Expense $180

Medicare 306 (Follow Up Consultation) $327.55 [Medicare Rebate $167.55] Out of Pocket Expense $160

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