Man Fractures Neck from Daily VR Headset use

-As a teenager, I sustained a classic boxer’s fracture training for my 1st Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt punching through 5 roof tiles đŸĨŠ OUCH!

-There have been many well documented video game related injuries such as RSI, carpal tunnel and “gamer’s thumb”. 🕹ī¸

-But this is the first documented C-spine injury following daily virtual reality headset use.

-31 year old man sustains C-Spine sress #fracture after playing VR games for 1-4 hours on an almost daily basis in Germany. 🤕

-If you have a child or patient who you think plays video games excessively, please send a referral my way for a telehealth psychiatric consultation with me. I see families Australia-wide.

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Trying the VR headset at Unisa Mawson Lakes Developer Department