My experience presenting for SBS on Demand Documentary Film “Are You Addicted to Technology?”

I often receive requests to give talks on television about the potential harmful effects of video games and social media on shows like the Today Show and A Current Affair. But I have never received a request via Instagram before..

“The Spell of Digital Immersion” TEDx Talk Adelaide: YouTube Video Link

Dr Le’s TEDx Talk is finally online! Please share our message with your colleagues, friends and family. Do you have a childhood bucket list? What activity have you immersed yourself in lately? Please comment in the Youtube link or discuss in our CGI Clinic Facebook page.  

How I was invited to TEDx Adelaide

This year has been a real adventure for CGI Clinic. Not only did I travel overseas, I developed my curiosity for Internet Games into my passion and was invited to speak at TEDx Adelaide to share my experience to the world.