About Dr Huu Kim Le

Hi, my name is Dr Huu Kim Le (most people call me Kim). I am an Australian Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, specialising in video gaming addiction or “gaming disorder”. I am based in Adelaide, South Australia. I completed my training in the Northern Sydney Health Network and worked as a consultant psychiatrist for the Women’s and Children’s Health Network in South Australia for 3 years.

What I do

I provide a Telepsychiatry service for residents anywhere in Australia, up to the age of 25. For contact details and more information please click “Contact” page here.

My Gaming Disorder journey

To me, gaming disorder is more than just a “special interest”. In 2008, when I was still a junior doctor, I met a patient who was addicted to the online game “World of Warcraft”. This chance meeting inspired me to take up specialist training in psychiatry. In 2015, I received a federal grant to investigate video gaming addiction at the National Addiction Management Service in Singapore.

I am passionate about increasing awareness of video gaming addiction and I am available as a keynote speaker for your school, workplace or corporate event. I have presentations on video gaming addiction and smartphone/social media addiction, which can be tailored for your audience. I have been invited to speak on the national news, Today Show and A Current Affair.

In 2020, I filmed an interactive online documentary with SBS on Demand titled “Are You Addicted to Technology?”. The release date is early 2021.

“Are You Addicted to Technology?” Interactive Documentary Film for SBS on Demand to be released early 2021

“I am fascinated by the Internet  gaming world and I have a passion for helping others enjoy gaming in a healthy way.” -Dr Huu Kim Le