“Every child is the same as a little baby” Guide for Vietnamese Australian Parents by Vinh Van Le (1994)

Free PDF Download: Vietnamese/English Parenting Guide 1994

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In the 1990s, headlines such as “Viet gangs take over heroin trade” were commonplace in Australian national newspapers.

My father Mr Vinh Van Le, was a prominent social worker here in the Vietnamese Community here in Adelaide. During this time, my father volunteered to research and author a parenting guide titled “Every child is the same as a little baby”. Vinh received a small government grant to provide this for free as a means to combat this problem within our own community, beginning with the family itself.

From L>R older brother, mother, father Vinh Van Le and Dr Huu Kim Le at TEDx Adelaide 2015 “The Spell of Digital Immersion”

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Dr Le interview with Mix 102.3 Jodie and Soda


Dr Kim Le, child psychiatrist from Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) was recently interviewed by Adelaide’s Mix 102.3 Radio show with Jodi and Soda. This interview was to better help the community and especially parents to better understand the potential negative effects of online computer games, signs to look out for addiction and what steps can be taken to help prevent addiction.

Dr Huu Kim Le on Triple J Hack 18th June 2018

Last year, Dr Le featured on Triple J Hack’s segment on Internet Gaming Disorder (DSM-5).

Tune into Triple J Hack this afternoon as Dr Le will discuss the inclusion of Gaming Disorder into the WHO ICD-11 announcement, today 1730pm AEST.

What does this recognition mean for those seeking help for gaming disorder?

This will increase public awareness and recognition of gaming disorder as a serious modern day health issue. The potential flow-on effect is that gaming disorder can no longer be ignored by the computer games industry, local governments and most of all the consumer of internet games. This will hopefully lead to better access to effective prevention, assessment and management programs.

Reaction to NYpost “Digital heroin” “Glow Kids” article

A brief video on Dr Le’s initial thoughts on this viral article, the increased awareness created by attention grabbing headlines versus stigma around your child’s use of technology.

Original NYPost articles here:



Student Education and Well-being in the Digital Age – Scotch College Talk

This week Dr Le was delighted to give a talk to the teachers and staff at Scotch College titled “Student Education and Well-being in the Digital Age” at the Torrens Park Campus in Adelaide.

Dr Le’s key message was this:

“No matter how sophisticated or advanced technology gets, we cannot forget the human aspect of learning. We must continue to invest in teachers who care about student education and well-being.”

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