Dr Huu Kim Le on Triple J Hack 18th June 2018

Last year, Dr Le featured on Triple J Hack’s segment on Internet Gaming Disorder (DSM-5).

Tune into Triple J Hack this afternoon as Dr Le will discuss the inclusion of Gaming Disorder into the WHO ICD-11 announcement, today 1730pm AEST.

What does this recognition mean for those seeking help for gaming disorder?

This will increase public awareness and recognition of gaming disorder as a serious modern day health issue. The potential flow-on effect is that gaming disorder can no longer be ignored by the computer games industry, local governments and most of all the consumer of internet games. This will hopefully lead to better access to effective prevention, assessment and management programs.

Dr Le winner of Toastmasters Division Speech Contest

Dr Le and the other speech contest winners at the South Australian Toastmasters Public Speaking Final

Congratulations to Dr Huu Kim Le, who won the South Australian Toastmasters Division Speech Contest (International Category), with his speech “Ditch your Digital Device”.

Dr Le competed against 5 other finalists from 27 clubs in South Australia. The quality of speeches that day were amazing and Dr Le will now proceed to compete at the District level in Hobart, Tasmania at the Toastmasters Convention in May.

Dr Le has been working on his 7 minute speech for the past 12 months to communicate his message on smartphone addiction in a compelling, entertaining and engaging performance.

Did you know?
“We’re consuming everywhere, at any time. Thirty-five percent of us check our phone within five minutes of waking up in the morning, with 70 percent using phones during mealtimes with family and friends.”



Dr Le was recently invited to participate as a panelist for the Mental Health Professionals Network​ live webinar on Internet Gaming Addiction.

Perspectives on IGD from a GP, psychologist, psychiatrist and MH nurse suitable and directed at clinicians

Full 60 minute Youtube link and case study notes available FREE at MHPN.org.au here:

Through an exploration of online gaming addiction, the webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • recognise clinical effects and harms to mental health related to internet gaming addiction
  • increase skills and understanding of managing internet gaming addiction and improve awareness of evidence based interventions
  • identify strategies to engage specialist services when treating someone with internet gaming addiction.links:


Dr Le guest interview on the Game Quitters Podcast Ep.6

Dr Le was recently invited by Cam Adair to speak on the Game Quitters Podcast.

Game Quitters is the largest support community for video game addiction. They help 25,000 gaming addicts/month in 80 countries around the world.

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“Video game playing, attention problems, and impulsiveness: Evidence of bidirectional causality” (Gentile, Lim, Khoo 2012)

The difference between attention Vs visual attention and why your child cannot take their eyes off a screen, why we can’t take our eyes off a car crash and why you should sell your child’s copy of GTA.

Continue reading “Video game playing, attention problems, and impulsiveness: Evidence of bidirectional causality” (Gentile, Lim, Khoo 2012)